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                                 Services We Provide

Underwood Sheetmetal, Inc. fabricates a large variety of products, which can be installed by
the customer or installed by our professional craftsmen. Our products include, but are not  
limited to:
Products can be fabricated from a variety of different materials. The following
materials are kept in-stock, in our warehouse:

  • Galvanized Steel (10-28 Gauge)
  • Paint Grip (16-26 Gauge)
  • Stainless Steel ( 22-26 Gauge)
  • Copper (16 oz.)
  • Prefinished Steel (Various Colors, 24 Gauge)

Other materials are available, such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Galvalume
  • VM Zinc

It is not cost-efficient to keep these products in stock, so only the exact quantities
necessary to supply a project will be ordered.

If the material needed to complete your project is not listed above, please contact
us and we will explore every reasonable avenue to acquire the material.
Underwood Sheetmetal is a certified installer for the following companies:

These companies offer specific products in specific colors and materials. We will
be happy to provide you with any product offered in their catalogs.
Underwood Sheetmetal is now installing SWISSPEARL. SWISSPEARL is a
composite cement facade system, used in high-end architecture. Visit the
section to view photos of the recently completed W Hotel in Austin, which has
SWISSPEARL panels installed on the exterior.
Due to the constant fluctuation of the sheet metal market, our prices are not listed
on this site. If any of our products or services will be helpful in the completion of
your project, please contact us by telephone, fax, or e-mail. We will contact you
with an estimate or schedule an on-site inspection and estimate.
Roof Systems
Pitch Pans
Individual Roof Panels
Door Pans
Wall Panels
Drain Pans
Soffit Panels
Pipe Boxes
Surface-Mount Counterflashing
Thru-Wall Counterflashing
Ridge Cap
Window Flashing
Rake Trim
Gravel Guard
Collector Boxes
Flat Sheets
Springhill Suites
Katy, TX